To give every customer consistency excellent service standards EU LOGISTICS & SHIPPING has invested in ample space. With strategic planning and with due importance given to the storage and quick entry, exit of containerized cargo, the space is well laid out and divided into units specifically devoted to various CFS functions.

- Bonded warehouse area of 1800 Sqm.
- Export Consolidation area of 2900 Sqm.
- LCL area of 400 Sqm.
- Strong room of 32 Sqm.
- Open container yard of 27,200 sqm.
- Container stacking capacity of 2200 TEUs (4 high).
- Buffer Space for 600 TEUs
- Warehouse bays for loading / unloading of cargo
- Office space of 350 sqm. each floor (Two Floors)
- Canteen / Public toilet area of 300 Sqm.
- Gate Houses (3 Nos) of 90 Sqm.

EU LOGISTICS & SHIPPING has set itself on the path of creating and maintaining an ICD service standard that will set new benchmarks in this service intensive industry. With this in mind it has invested in building the backbone of the CFS, by building up a stable support in terms of vital work infrastructure. Apart from the equipments, the CFS has also set up a professional well informed team that knows and can cope with constant demands of the CFS business.